Telemedicine Appointments

We can now see your pet via Telemedicine!

Hello and welcome to County Line Animal Hospital’s telemedicine platform. Due to limited available appointments in the office, telemedicine offers a way to have your pet assessed more quickly and to have your questions answered in a timely manner. We offer consults during scheduled blocks of time during our regular business hours.

Telemedicine consults are for existing clients only with a current Veterinary Client Patient Relationship in the last 12 months. This service is not for emergency purposes. In case of a life-threatening pet emergency during normal business hours, please call the hospital at 585-265-0030, or you can call the Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services at 585-424-1277 at any time.

Call our hospital to schedule a telemedicine appointment and our receptionists will schedule your appointment. There is a charge for the consult, and payment will be taken at the time that we schedule your pet. We will give you a website-based exam room based on which doctor you will be seeing. Please plan to have your browser open and waiting for the doctor to admit you to the room at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

*Please note that telemedicine consultations may not be appropriate for the condition your pet is experiencing. If we feel your pet is best served by an examination in our office, we may decline your request and recommend an office visit. Furthermore, if during a consultation it is determined that we cannot adequately assess your pet using telemedicine, then an examination in our office will be recommended

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